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"Acoustic products in timber and acoustic plaster or spray.
Sound control with an emphasis on design."

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic panels for ceilings and walls, slatted timber systems, full bespoke acoustic joinery.


Standard range of proven products

Bespoke solutions

Complimentary joinery to match

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic
solutions brochure

Seamless acoustic ceilings

Acoustic plaster and spray ceilings

A range of ceiling finishes which take acoustic products to a new level of integration.

Key Features

Typically Class A acoustic performance at 35mm thickness

Fits to curved surfaces, including domes

'Hidden' acoustic treatment

Acoustic spray and plaster

Acoustic plaster
and spray brochure

Room acoustics solutions with a multi-disciplinary approach

Stil Acoustics is different. As a collective with expertise in acoustics, architectural and interior design, joinery, product development, and cutting edge manufacture; we offer a solution like no other.

This allows us to provide a bridge between architects, acousticians, contractors and installers; and provide unmatched, integrated solutions. We can also equip designers from the outset, with the tools to realise solutions that would not have been otherwise possible, and ensure that this is followed through to execution.