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"Acoustic products in timber and acoustic plaster or spray.
Sound control with an emphasis on design."

Seamless acoustic ceilings

Acoustic plaster and spray

A range of ceiling finishes which take acoustic products to a new level.

Key Features

Class A acoustic performance at 32mm thickness

Fits to curved surfaces, including domes

'Hidden' acoustic treatment

Acoustic spray and plaster

Acoustic plaster
and spray brochure

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic panels for ceilings and walls, slatted timber systems, full bespoke acoustic joinery.


Standard range of proven products

Bespoke solutions

Complimentary joinery to match

Timber acoustic panels

Timber acoustic
solutions brochure

Room acoustics solutions

Stil Acoustics offer an innovative approach to acoustic requirements with the use of wood and seamless acoustic finishes.

Timber acoustic linings Timber acoustic linings provide the warmth, durability, and aesthetic possibilities which can only be expected from real wood.

Seamless acoustic spray and plaster systems provide high acoustic performance, which integrate easily with room designs, often allowing the designer to 'hide' the acoustic treatment. Whole ceilings can be covered, ensuring acoustic comfort, low ambient noise levels, and higher speech intelligibility in a space, whilst maintaining the designers aesthetic aspirations.

Not only a supplier, Stil Acoustics provide a complete service which can aid the design process from initial enquiry through to installation.