Acoplaster - acoustic plaster ceilings

Seamless ceilings with excellent sound control.

Acoplaster acoustic plasters give a fully seamless surface.
Applied either directly to the structural surface or to an MF plasterboard ceiling, outstanding reverberation control is achieved whilst being sympathetic to the overall design of the space.

We offer two options - Acoplaster DC1 and F1. Both provide Class A absorption, with F1 being the smoothest finish, and DC1 having a light texture.

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Acoustic plaster

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Acoustic Performance

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Acoplaster DC1 - Class A at 35mm

Acoustic plaster absorption

Acoplaster F1 - Class A at 32mm

Acoustic plaster absorption


Can be mounted directly to concrete, gypsum or existing plaster finish.

Where the edges don't meet a wall, an L-profile is used to end the finish.