Slatted timber

Slatted timber suspended ceiling.
Slatted timber acoustic wall panels.
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Typical vertical slatted ceiling detail

slatted ceiling detail

Our vertical slatted systems can function as a decorative ceiling, or a high performance acoustic ceiling, also.

Typical slatted wall detail

slatted wall detail

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Suspended slatted timber acoustic ceilings and walls panels

Our slatted timber acoustic systems can complement a wide range of room types. They are used for acoustics, aesthetics, or both.


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You specify slat sizes and timber type

We try to be as flexible as we can with customisation options. Along with that we strive to excel in service and lead-in times.

slatted ceiling detail

Slatted timber suspended ceilings

Up to class A acoustic performance

Varying slat size, gaps between slats, and the insulation and cavity depth to the rear of the panel control the sound absorption produced.

Precise, modular designs

Slats are not individually mounted but are supplied in modules, allowing fast, precise installation. Holes for lighting and vents, as well as access panels are integrated in the factory, rather than on-site.

Unique suspension system

Our unique suspension system makes mounting and demounting easy, is durable and reliable, and is aesthetically very discrete.